Have Professional Trading Experience? Need Funding? You’ve come to the right place! CSFX provides Trader Funding. Inquire about our unique Funding Options. Trade our Capital while we absorb the Risk.


Seeking proper trader education? Join our Courses, subscribe to our analysis and discover market transparency at your fingertips. We hold monthly courses and weekly training sessions for traders seeking a deeper understanding of market dynamics. We eliminate lagging analysis and look at the forward view with dynamic reasoning. Join the Course. Inquire for the next session and instructions how to join! 


CSFX Trader Funding

Trade with Our Capital & Credit.

“This isn’t Just an Education – It’s Virtually a Phd” – Liam  U.K.

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While CSFX cannot provide traders brokerage services. There are services that CSFX is able to provide. Trader Funding - Our Capital Allocation Program permits CSFX to invest it's own internal funds into the trading activity of traders who qualify for funding. Trader Education - We freely provide trader education to Traders seeking advanced knowledge of foreign exchange trading.