Committed to Excellence in Ethics

The CSFX Mission isn’t about operating a brokerage, that’s a mundane task and we’re not here to do that! We’re here to make a difference and that’s what we do! We’re traders as well, so rest assured that we’re not going to compete against you but we will provide you the same market transparency that we demand of our partners and the tools we provide.

For far too long market micro-structure of the capital markets has been shrouded with secrecy.  True supply and demand have been hidden from the retail trading public.

Our mission at CSFX is to break the molds of the typical and give you market transparency that aligns with exchange rate fluctuations in a resilient and dynamic approach.  We are relentless in our research and discovery and we are committed to providing you both the market transparency you demand as well as institutional quality services with unmatched execution.     

CSFX is registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines with the Financial Services Authority. Our focus is on trader education and our in house capital technologies, some services are simply an accessory service but something we do quite well!

CSFX Strategies

How to build a top quality Retail FX Brokerage is obvious. Go where your competitors don’t go. Create personal relationships, deliver the best market access and lowest commissions while never sacrificing focus on client success! The result is that we deliver in CSFX Strategies. Engage us today and experience growth from within your existing customer base at no cost to you! 

Trader Education

In seeking alpha your focus should be on market transparency, speed in execution, razor thin liquidity and low commissions from a transactionally neutral firm. Our strategy development engineers market transparency not available elsewhere. We’ll teach you how to trade from the hard right edge of the chart and in no time your confidence will soar from a traditional 30% to levels that most never experience on a trade by trade basis at 80 and 85%.

Trader Capital

CSFX Manages AG’s TDCAP or Trader Development Capital Allocation Program. With CAP, traders with all levels of experience are becoming funded traders using Allocated Capital. Learn to trade without risk and in just a few months you’ll be paid fifty percent of returns!  All CAP Subscribers enjoy unobstructed course access and near 1:1 coaching while you progress through the Qualification Stage into Qualified Status Subscribe Today!  
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