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The CSFX Mission isn’t about operating a brokerage, that’s a mundane task and we’re not here to do just that! We’re here to make a difference and that’s what we do! We’re traders as well, so rest assured that we’re not going to compete against you but we will provide you the same market transparency that we demand of our partners and the tools we provide.

For far too long market micro-structure of the capital markets has been shrouded with secrecy.  True supply and demand have been hidden from the retail trading public.

Our mission at CSFX is to break the molds of typical and give you market transparency that aligns with exchange rate fluctuations in a resilient and dynamic approach.  We are relentless in our research and discovery and we are committed to providing you both the market transparency you demand as well as institutional quality services with unmatched execution.     

CSFX is in fact an unregulated entity, and as you have heard even regulated entities have problems, or suffer catastrophe’s at time of economic uncertainty. The fact remains, our focus is on trader education and our own in house capital management, brokerage services are simply an accessory service and if CSFX were to register we would be limited on the quality of education that we provide.

In terms of ethics, rest assured, CSFX, it’s principals, all employees and affiliates adhere to the Global Foreign Exchange Committee’s FX Global Code of Conduct.

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