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ClearStreamFX is built by traders for traders and as traders we have experienced the same frustration that our clients have prior to joining us. As a whole, Industry credibility has slowly faded away with recent history and our mission is to provide market transparency and real change! We provide the tools, knowledge and research for clients to trade effectively with direct market access and a commodity that is integral to profit – trader funding. As an    in-house proprietary trading fund we put a focus on professional trader development to new standards and we look forward to having you on board!


ClearStreamFX is a privately held company registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines with the Financial Services Authority. Our business registration permits us to provide trader education, trader funding, brokerage and consultancy. Our principals, management, associates and customer service agents are all sworn to uphold the highest standards of conduct as identified in the Global FX Code.  


Our principles are driven by the demands for high quality, efficient, affordable and transparent service and we are bound to the Global FX Code of Conduct. You can read more about the initiative here.


Yes we do!  CSFX Provides Extensive Trader Education through our Sister Site.
ClearStreamFX does provide trader funding. Traders who have enrolled in our capital allocation program (CAP)  receive live credentials upon completion of the orientation and course. The program will assess your trading performance over a 60 day rolling period. When your performance reaches required levels of gain you’re paid fifty percent of returns.
Initial Funding Levels are : 2,500 USD and 5,000 USD, 10,000 USD and 20,000 USD. Subsequent funding levels are performance based and will match your returns with new capital allocations.
For funded traders payouts are provided via direct bank wire or eWallet transfers which may include BitCoin, Etherum, LiteCoin ETC. Payouts are computed on the 1st day of the month against the previous months high water mark. Any amount above the previous high water mark shall be entitled to payout on the 15th of the month subject to a minimum accrued payout of $ 100.00.


Our Demo Accounts parallel production funded accounts and this is a great way to test your abilities prior to trading any live accounts or enrolling in our Capital Allocation Program for Trader Funding. They are hosted on separate servers for security purposes but you’ll find the same price feed! open a Demo account today!



At the moment Clients may deposit funds into their trading accounts with BTC, LTC, ETH an other Crypto currencies.  You may also make account deposits into your trading account with Instant Purchases of BTC via Visa or MasterCard.  Our partner processes wire transfer payments for Crypto which you may then deposit on your account in minutes.
Deposits into your Trading Account are managed seamlessly within about 45 minutes to 1 Hour. Withdrawals are processed according to batches. Day Accounts are not available. A Day Account is an account that is opened, funded and funds withdrawn within a seven (7) day period. Any withdrawals within the first seven (7) days are subject to a processing fee of up to $ 15.00.
Client Funds are processed and segregated from company funds from the moment a deposit has been initiated through the trading and withdrawal process. You are required to verify all deposits to the proper wallet address and your trading account.  You are additionally required to verify all external addresses or methods for the proper processing of all withdrawals. 


While you’re a funded trader, internal fees such as trading commissions and spreads are innate to trading itself and are subject to market conditions. We expense time and capital in your growth and as such we do not offer refunds to any fees paid. When you’re funded trading account becomes profitable your monthly fee is then waived. At any time if your account is marginally profitable we reserve the right to adjust your trading metrics accordingly to provide you more opportunity or to limit our risk.
Opening a Demo account is self explanatory, you can do so from the home page. This is a great place to test the waters prior to enrolling in our trader funding or other membership levels.
DEMO Accounts
Live Accounts
  • Enroll in a Trader Funding Level
  • Electronically Sign the Agreements
  • Upload Your Documents
  • Sign our Anti-Money Laundering Statements
It will take just a few hours to get your profile & account approved which will then authorize you to access the Funding Orientation and the Trading Course.


Trading FX involves risk. Risk that you must acknowledge and understand prior to trading with CSFX or any other firm, but trading also involves other forms of risk typically not discussed or disclosed by FX Principals.
Counter Party Risk – The risk that the opposite side of your trade (Market Maker) defaults or fails to provide you the profit you’ve generated.
Sovereign Risk – The risk of a national bank similar to the SNB removing the peg of pricing from the Swiss Franc caused substantial and catastrophic risk to brokers and banks over the world.
Economic Risk – The risk that Economics in the home country cause volatile exchange rate fluctuations plays a significant part in the trading risk that you experience.
Study all types of risks before you start to trade a live account!


We offer MT4 as our Standard Offering, but for institutional trading clients we provide FIX Protocol Access and even custom development of proprietary trading algorithms.


In short – Supply and Demand drives the market! Measure that and the rest is elementary!


With CSFX you can use any preferred strategy or analysis. There are hundreds within MT4 or, as an option, you can use our proprietary volume studies and market cycle analysis. Learn more about them in our training webinar.


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