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ClearStreamFX is built by traders for traders and as traders we have experienced the same frustration that our clients have prior to joining us. As a whole, Industry credibility has slowly faded away with recent history and our mission is to provide market transparency and real change! We provide the tools, knowledge and research for clients to trade effectively with direct market access and a commodity that is integral to profit, trader funding. As an in house hedge and proprietary hedge fund we bring a focus on professional trader development to new standards. We look forward to having you on board!

The infrastructure of using block chain services to fund accounts provides extremely high levels of account security. All account balances are held within cold wallets. Funds transfers, withdrawals and other ancillary account actions will cause a OTP (One Time Password) Sent to your email. This OTP is required for both verification of your identity and for back office staff to access your account. Ultimately, you’re in control of your capital at all times.

ClearStreamFX LTD is a privately held, self regulated entity registered in the Commonwealth of Dominica. Principals, management, associates and customer service agents are all sworn to uphold the highest standards of conduct. Simply being regulated does not for any brokerage offer you security – Our structure and product lines of services are vastly different from regulated entities.  Being in part a proprietary trading firm, brokerage is simply one of our offerings and without regulatory red tape we can effectively educate you without restrictions.

Our principles are driven by the demands for high quality, efficient, affordable and transparent service and market access.

Our Principals, Staff and Affiliates are bound to the Global FX Code of Conduct. You can read more about the initiative here.

Yes we do!  All customers of CSFX have access to our Educational Partners daily trading room as well as monthly courses, lectures and strategy webinars. His 1:1 Mentorship is second to none in quality, focus and precision to how the market moves and getting you to a level of profitability that most only dream of! Visit his page here.

There is a $ 50.00 Minimum to open a Live Account at Level I, funding at that level would receive activation at standard account pricing and commissions.

If your balance changes your trading conditions will automatically migrate you to the appropriate account grouping.

Deposits are made near instantaneously when your wallet has received funds. It does take up to an hour for confirmations of the block chain for incoming crypto currency transfers but those limitations are minimal.

Withdrawals are made at the time of request in batches. We maintain sufficient liquidity to process all incoming and outgoing transactions as close to real time as possible.

In the near future we’ll release our CSFX Branded Debit Card and your withdrawals will be instantaneously right from your funding wallet.

Through our Educational Partner, CSFX does maintain a Trader Capital Allocation Program (CAP). Traders who have completed a course of instruction can enroll in CAP. The program will assess your trading performance over a 90 day rolling period. When your performance reaches  required levels of gain, trade duration and frequency while remaining below risk thresholds you can qualify for funding. Funding amounts range from $ 1,000 to $ 10,000 with progressive capital injections.

For those who have what it takes and need the higher levels of funding to get started. Verify 30 Days of performance with a CSFX Demo, MyFXBook or FXBlue Live Account and get instant funding in a CapitaLease.

CapitaLease is a Funded Live Account with Risk Management Monitoring.  Verified Traders who enroll in CapitaLease fund a deposit and commitment. CSFX then provides the account. If the account experiences losses to 80% of the deposit, the lease is terminated. If the account experiences gains, at the 30 day mark CSFX will analyze the amount of return and fund a live account under CAP with profit sharing.

Traders with CSFX have access to several account types. Each has a minimum equity level. When your account reaches the next level higher you’re automatically migrated into the higher tier account level with lower costs.

Trading Accounts

  • Standard – Min. Funding $ 25 – $ 3.50/Side Per Lot
  • Bronze – Min. Equity $ 250 – $ 2.50/Side Per Lot
  • Silver – Min. Equity $ 1,250 – $ 2.00/Side Per Lot
  • Gold – Min. Equity $ 2,500 – $ 1.50/Side Per Lot

Funded Accounts

  • TD/CAP – $ 2,500 to $ 250,000
  • CapitaLease – Typical 10% Deposit, Funding to $ 250,000

Our Demo Accounts parralell production accounts. They are hosted on separate servers for security purposes but you’ll find the same price feed! open a Demo account today!

Trading Live or ‘Production’ accounts is a big step for traders, experienced or not. Trading a production account for the first time is the first step towards realization that your strategy will benefit from having real liquidity behind the trades. We provide live streaming quotes without interference on execution! Open a Live account today and see the difference!

Other than commissions, there are no fees internally in accounts.

Withdrawals : If your trading account has been dormant and has not generated a minimum $ 5.00 in commissions since your last deposit we reserve the right to charge this to your account on withdrawals only.  This is meant to minimize the incoming and outgoing transfers to accounts that remain dormant without trading activity.

Opening a Live account is relatively simple. Here’s the process..

  • Register the New Account
  • Electronically Sign the Agreements
  • Provide Documentation to Prove your Identity
  • Provide Documentation to Prove your Address
  • Sign our Anti-Money Laundering Statements

It will take just a few hours to get your account approved and open ready for funding once we have your ID and Address Verification Documents. You’ll be ready to fund your account!

Trading FX involves risk. Risk that you must acknowledge and understand prior to trading any funded accounts with CSFX or any other brokerage firm. But trading also involves other forms of risk typically not discussed or disclosed by FX Brokers.

Counter Party Risk – The risk that the opposite side of your trade (Market Maker) defaults or fails to provide you the profit you’ve generated.

Sovereign Risk – The risk of a national bank similar to the SNB removing the peg of pricing from the Swiss Franc caused substantial and catastrophic risk to brokers and banks over the world.

Economic Risk – The risk that Economics in the home country cause volatile exchange rate fluctuations plays a significant part in the trading risk that you experience.

Study all types of risks before you start to trade a live account!

Profiting with Forex seems simple. Buy low and sell high while capturing the middle of the markets movement. Seems simple but it’s not. There are risks, there are economic concerns, there are news events and most of all supply and demand components of analysis that can be quite cumbersome to understand. We do our best to teach you how to profit through our Courses and 1:1 Instructional Options.

We offer MT4 as our Standard Offering, but for institutional trading clients we provide FIX Protocol Access and even custom development of proprietary trading algorithms.

In short – Supply and Demand. It governs all movements.  From markets that aren’t moving at all to the volatile news spikes on U.S. FOMC or Non Farm Payrolls numbers. Supply and Demand drives the market! Measure that and the rest is elementary!

With CSFX you can use any preferred strategy or analysis. There are hundreds within MT4 or, as an option, you can use our proprietary volume studies and market cycle analysis. Learn more about them in our training webinar.

Technical analysis is the more refined study of market movements via patterns, indicators and ‘measurements’ of fluctuations in price. Stochastics, RSI’s, MACD, Bollinger Bands and Fibonacci Studies are all forms of technical analysis.

Fundamental analysis is the bigger picture of economic studies that gives us insight into the broader market movements or news releases that we read of in the headlines of news outlets. U.S. Non Farm Payrolls is a fundamental measure of employment activity and job creation.

ClearStreamFX provides it’s trading clients leverage at 100/1 your account deposits.  More is available for qualified traders, inquire with support.

CSFX hosts a daily trading room for clients. You’ll be sure to gain insight into the activity of the day and in many instances movements before the news releases. You’ll be able to enjoy watching professional traders analyze the market and capture profits along the way. Although we can never guarantee market conditions on any given day we can assure you that you’re bound to learn something new!

Here’s where ClearStreamFX stands out. In our Analytics.  We take the end result, and build in reverse the solution. Trading models in FlowTrader that understand market movements down to the individual price tick and how those price ticks correlate with global volume. Everything is validated in triplicate and overlay on market cycles and when that’s done – voila – Market Transparency Delivered.

To see more about our analytics, join the next on-boarding webinar – Inquire with Support.

So you want to trade professionally? Here’s your chance. 30 Days of Instruction in over 20 Hours of 1:1 Guidance and 30 Hours of Videos. You’ll be directed by Nick Vendetti in practical exercises and research while you eliminate bad habits and integrate trading models that understand the market from a dynamic, responsive and transparent view. Platinum 1:1 Instruction isn’t for the faint of heart or those who ‘think’ they want to trade professionally. It’s a game changer! Inquire with Support for more information.

The Master Class is 15 Days of intense group instruction. The Result is 30 years of Experience condensed into trading models that keep you on the right side of market movements.

In terms of Education on the market, specifically foreign exchange, we are proud to say our advanced Courses stand second to none! You’ll be shocked in looking back on the market as you realize the profits were under your nose while you discard old habits and adapt to a forward view!

For those that seek an education on trading, the Courses are available to clients who have deposited funds into a live account or those who are trading allocated capital of ClearStreamFX.

Yes we do!  All customers of CSFX have access to our Educational Partners daily trading room as well as monthly courses, lectures and strategy webinars. His 1:1 Mentorship is second to none in quality, focus and precision to how the market moves and getting you to a level of profitability that most only dream of! Visit his page here.

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